Get Informed/Housing FAQ

Housing Partner Information and FAQs.

This section is meant to outline what you can expect of STLF and action items we request from our housing contacts. If at any time you have question or need more information please use the contact information provided to you by the Tour Bus Core member.

What type of Sleeping Space to Groups Expect to Have?

We are an easy group to please, we are just looking for a place to lay our heads.  All of our participants bring sleeping bags, and any open floor space such as a gym, activity room, youth center, or classroom space is more than sufficient for our group.  While mats or cots are certainly not expected, they are much appreciated after a long week on the floor!

Do I Need to Provide Showers for the Group?

While we certainly hope to find housing sites that do have showers available, we understand that this is not always an option.  When showers are unavailable, we will often times request shower use from a local YMCA or community center.

When Should I Expect the Group to Arrive and Depart?

Our Tours are designed to be continuously on the move and will only stay overnight for a single night in each city.  The group will typically arrive between 8 and 9 pm, and will depart by approximately 8 am the following morning.  Both arrival times and departure times can be somewhat flexible depending on your needs.

About how Many People Should I plan For?

There is typically approximately 30-40 participants - both male and female - on each Tour.  Please let your contact know if you have the capabilities for separate rooms for males and females.

Do I Need to Spend the Night with your Group?

While we do not require a contact from your organization to spend the night with our group, we understand that many organizations require this as a policy.  All we ask is that if there is not a contact staying overnight that there is an emergency contact phone number in the rare case of an extreme circumstance requiring assistance.

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